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Stewardship of Land
Wiregrass Ranch owners cherish the beauty of nature and have worked to preserve the land that they own and enhance it, not only for themselves, but for the surrounding area. The Porter's are the anomaly of land ownership, who have taken their time and are in no rush to sell their ranch. They stand firm to their vision; selling to those who have the community in mind first and who are helping to create and enhance the downtown hub of Pasco County.

Wetland Conservation
Wetland ConservationWiregrass Ranch has worked with the State of Florida and Pasco County to help protect and conserve wetland areas. Florida has lost more than 260,000 acres of wetlands during the 1985-1996 years with the rate of loss of this wetland type more than doubling from the prior decade. Wetlands are essential for wildlife and this is something that the Porter family recognizes. Since Florida became a state in 1845, total wetland area has decreased by approximately 44 percent! Wiregrass Ranch has and plans to continue contributing to the goal of preservation. They have done their part by reserving _______acres of quality habitat, to date, toward the future of the area. The proposed Master Plan charts ____ acres of wetlands to be comprehensively preserved!



Picnic BasketCommunity Parks
Thirty four Pasco County parks and three state canoe parks currently reside in the county. These local parks hold amenities for residents that range from camp grounds to sports fields. These are maintained by the county. Presently Wiregrass Ranch is working with Pasco County Parks and Recreation and Pasco County commissioners to create another regional park for our community. Nothing is official at this point, but a proposed park is a distinct possibility for an addition to this booming area.